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Get the Look: Blushing Valentine Event Decor

It’s Valentine’s day- a holiday all about love, warmth, and the color of passion—pink! To celebrate, we’re thrilled to introduce a range of new pink and white event decor and furniture that is sure to set hearts aflutter. Luxury meets comfort with our matching tufted blush sofa and ottoman from our Palm Springs collection. It pairs perfectly with our matte blush Capitola accent table and our Barcelona blush dining chair. Seeking extra comfort? Look no further as we offer a range of comfy ottomans, pillows, and blankets, all in classic pink tones. Cast a glowing ambiance of amour with our Montmartre pink crystal 40-inch chandelier, an item Barbie would most definitely keep in her dream house. Our pink ombre backdrop... Read More

Get the Look: Cozy Ski Chalet

As the January chill sets in, there’s no better time to transform your events into warm, inviting havens. This month, the cozy ski chalet aesthetic is IN and we couldn’t be more thrilled. For this month’s “Trend Alert”, we’re excited to showcase some new, winter-inspired items to craft the perfect winter retreat. Build your own luxurious ski chalet with our exclusive decor collection, featured at high-profile events like the Kardashian Christmas Party. Embrace the rustic charm of our Tahoe wood round panels that pair perfectly with our natural wood benches. Add a focal point with the Carmel curved bar, an elegant piece that melds seamlessly into any festive setting. Need to transport guests to a winter wonderland with just one... Read More

8 Tips to Master Maximalism in Event Design

Maximalism is making a splash in the event design industry. If you’re tuned into the latest design trends, you’ve definitely spotted its emergence. It’s not just bold and vibrant—it’s a design revolution. But is it “too much”? Let’s explore. Far from being a synonym for clutter, maximalism, when masterfully executed, presents a world of meticulously curated opulence. It’s a dance of striking colors and rich textures, all intentionally chosen. And here’s a fascinating insight: studies have shown that certain colors can profoundly affect our moods and emotions. Thus, maximalism isn’t just about visual appeal; it touches our emotions. Take, for example, Barbiecore aesthetic. Despite its name, which might hint at an overdose of pink, it cleverly integrates varied colors, textures,... Read More