The Event Designer’s Guide to Draping

Event draping is more than just decorative — it’s a transformative art form. It doesn’t simply beautify a venue; it reshapes how attendees perceive and feel within a space. Draping can elevate a location from mundane to mesmerizing, and its roles are both aesthetic and functional. Whether your aim is to revamp a venue entirely, highlight its inherent beauty, or address certain challenges, draping is your ticket to luxury. In this post, we cover why event draping matters, what should be draped, where you can drape and how to achieve the best result. Why event draping? Draping an event isn’t just about beauty; it’s immensely practical and serves multiple purposes. From camouflaging unsightly spots in a venue to adjusting the... Read More

8 Tips to Master Maximalism in Event Design

Maximalism is making a splash in the event design industry. If you’re tuned into the latest design trends, you’ve definitely spotted its emergence. It’s not just bold and vibrant—it’s a design revolution. But is it “too much”? Let’s explore. Far from being a synonym for clutter, maximalism, when masterfully executed, presents a world of meticulously curated opulence. It’s a dance of striking colors and rich textures, all intentionally chosen. And here’s a fascinating insight: studies have shown that certain colors can profoundly affect our moods and emotions. Thus, maximalism isn’t just about visual appeal; it touches our emotions. Take, for example, Barbiecore aesthetic. Despite its name, which might hint at an overdose of pink, it cleverly integrates varied colors, textures,... Read More