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Revelry Event Designers is a premier luxury event design, draping, and rental firm with over 27 years of experience transforming spaces worldwide. We are experts in event design, space planning, installations, custom fabrications, draping and fabric, carpentry, painting, furniture rentals, lighting fixtures, decor and props.

Revelry’s expertise spans across all types of events, including weddings, mitzvahs, birthdays, film premieres, fundraisers, award shows, baby showers, anniversaries, holiday parties, and corporate gatherings. We specialize in custom-built pieces created in-house by our comprehensive carpentry, furniture, fabric and sewing, lighting, design and painting teams.

Our 120,000 square-foot warehouse in downtown Los Angeles hosts an expansive inventory of props, panels, soft goods, lighting, furniture, decor and custom pieces created by our skilled team of over 100 carpenters, welders, seamstresses, painters, artists and designers.

Founded in 1999 by visionary designer Edgar Zamora, Revelry Event Designers has evolved from humble beginnings in a garage to a leading force in the event design industry. With over 1,000 events each year, Revelry's signature designs have graced high-profile events worldwide, from Italy and France to the Bahamas and Argentina. Our esteemed clientele includes iconic celebrities such as Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian, as well as prominent figures in the sports industry like Stan Kroenke and Tom Gores. Our work is a staple in the entertainment industry, showcased at prestigious events like the Oscars, The Grammy’s, and the annual Roc Nation Brunch.

Our Team

Edgardo Zamora
Founder & Award-Winning Event Designer

Edgar Zamora, award-winning designer and visionary founder of Revelry Event Designers, is recognized globally for his innovation in the event industry.

The son of an industrialist and a fashion model, Edgar grew up in Buenos Aires. By age 23, he became a completely self-made fashion designer with a ready-to-wear women’s line, as well as a wholesale collection distributed throughout Latin America.

In 1990, he moved to Spain to work on events for the Olympics in Barcelona. In pursuit of the American dream, he came to Los Angeles in 1993 and began designing some of Los Angeles hottest events and movie premieres including ''Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle'', “Waterworld”, and ''Mission Impossible”.

It wasn’t until Edgar was offered the chance to design the wedding of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston that he was catapulted into the realm of luxury wedding design. In 1997, he founded Revelry Event Designers, offering luxury event design, installations, space planning and furniture for weddings, mitzvahs, film premieres, fundraisers, award shows and private soirees. He built an impressive team, including his family members from Argentina, to help build Revelry Event Designers into the best-in-class luxury design firm it is today.

His work has been featured in prestigious publications like The New York Times, Vogue, LA Times, and Harper's Bazaar and has a distinguished clientele including Oprah, Sofia Vergara, Britney Spears, and Beyoncé. His design style is recognized worldwide and his best-in-class events have been featured on TV shows like Flip the Venue. He’s won several awards including the “RSVP Global Award of Excellence'', "WeddingRule’s Best Wedding Decorator in Los Angeles", "Top 40 Event Designers in North America," and "Designer of the Year".

As an avid traveler, Edgar can be found speaking at event industry conferences around the world including the Planners Xtraordinaire conference, Cartagena Wedding Dreams + Wedding Forum, RSVP Symposium, Bridelux Symposium, DWP Congress, Global Destinations Expo and Conference Symposium, South Indian Wedding Planners Congress and many more.

CEO & Head Event Designer

Romina is the CEO and Head Event Designer at Revelry Event Designers.
Romina brings over fifteen years of industry experience using her in-depth knowledge of fashion, event production and interior design to ensure every event Revelry works on is stunning.

As Edgar’s niece, Romina was brought on board in 2003 to restructure the company and help it grow, managing day to day operations and integrating all departments. Currently she acts as our leader and commander in chief while flexing her design skills. She can be found at events jumping on the sewing machine, picking up a paint brush, cutting fabric or doing any last-minute touch ups to make the event perfect.

In 2017, Romina took on a manager role in addition to her design duties. Facing the lockdowns of the 2020 pandemic, Romina spearheaded the launch of Revelry’s luxury kids' furniture collection and strategically rented out inventory to production companies which kept Revelry thriving.

Her distinctive design style has been recognized worldwide, particularly in executing luxury destination weddings in Cannes, France, Turks & Caicos, and Anguilla. Her creations have been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue, Inside Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and Harper’s Bazaar, showcasing her talent for transforming any space into an unforgettable experience.

Operations Manager

Luciano, the Warehouse Operations Manager at Revelry Event Designers and nephew of founder Edgar Zamora, is indispensable to the company's warehouse operations. He ensures the warehouse runs smoothly, focusing on truck maintenance, repairs, and operational efficiencies. His leadership is vital for maintaining high operational standards and is crucial for the seamless functioning of all machinery in the warehouse.

Demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to operations management, Luciano takes a friendly and on-hands approach to his position. His commitment to the safety and efficiency of the warehouse is fundamental in supporting the company's reputation for quality, embodying the Zamora legacy.


Miguel has been a Controller for Revelry Event Designers since 2006, acting as the financial backbone of the company. With an M.B.A. under his belt, Miguel brings a wealth of expertise to his role, overseeing internal financial operations and regulatory compliance with precision.

His comprehensive approach to financial management and accounting principles ensures a seamless client experience and optimal efficiency. Miguel's meticulous handling of financial planning, budgeting, and analysis guarantees the integrity and prosperity of each event, making him an indispensable part of the Revelry experience.

Beyond his responsibilities within the company, Miguel plays a pivotal role in client relations. He works directly with clients to craft tailored financial solutions that align perfectly with their event visions and budgets. His dedication extends further, ensuring transparency and financial optimization for clients' events, providing them with peace of mind and confidence in their investments. Miguel's expertise and commitment elevate every aspect of Revelry's financial operations, delivering excellence to clients and stakeholders alike.

Human Resources Manager

Maria, the Human Resources Manager at Revelry Event Designers, leverages her MBA in Business to significantly shape the company's foundation with her expertise in talent management. She has a knack for recruiting the best people for each job and setting up comprehensive training programs that not only improve skills but foster a workplace culture focused on safety and excellence.

Her dedication and commitment to creating a supportive and dynamic workplace helps maintain Revelry’s reputation as a leader in the event design industry. Through her ongoing efforts to develop each department and the company as a whole, Maria is a pivotal figure in Revelry’s ongoing success.

Production Manager

Mary is our Production Manager at Revelry Event Designers. She is the core and pivotal force behind all warehouse operations, ensuring flawless execution of each event's production elements from start to finish.

With a background in fashion styling and production in Buenos Aires and a sharp eye for global design trends, Mary carefully oversees every detail of event production, guaranteeing every piece of furniture, fabric and decor item adheres to Revelry's high standards. Her in-depth knowledge of fabrication, event design and efficiency ensure all projects are completed on time and at the highest quality.

Mary keeps projects moving by managing cross-departmental workflow and coordination between each department. Her commitment to excellence and teamwork speaks for itself with the smooth running of the warehouse. Her intimate familiarity with Revelry's extensive inventory and creative mind allow her to collaborate closely with the design team and their clients, facilitating the selection process to perfectly match each client's vision.

Senior Event Designer

Milana is a Senior Designer at Revelry Event Designers. Her journey into the event industry began soon after college, starting out as an event planner in LA before making her mark at Revelry in 2014.

Known for her fashion-forward style and interior design expertise, Milana stands at the forefront of event design trends, seamlessly infusing magic into each event she designs. Her comprehensive understanding of our extensive inventory and furniture collections allows her to create new, unique designs her clients love.

She expertly manages the event design process from start to finish, including conceptualizing ideas, collaborating with planners, coordinating production, and overseeing installations, ensuring each event is flawlessly executed on time and within budget.

Milana’s flexible approach and can-do attitude allows her to navigate any challenges that may arise with ease. Her warm personality and stellar communication skills have earned her a long list of happy, repeat clients. Her designs have been featured in Vogue, People Magazine, and Vanity Fair.

Senior Event Designer

Leigh is a seasoned event designer at Revelry Event Designers. Since joining the team in 2014, her journey from event manager to event designer has been marked by a demonstrated ability to craft visually stunning events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale weddings.

Her deep understanding of the design process and understanding of event spaces allow her to effectively bring each client's vision to life, crafting unforgettable event experiences. Leigh’s exceptional skills in coordination, planning, concept, and execution ensures each event comes together from initial consultation to final execution

As an expert in designing, installing, and managing both private and corporate events, Leigh guarantees that every detail is perfectly executed for her clients. Her innovative approach, fueled by a passion for transforming spaces, has led to her work being featured in prominent publications such as Inside Weddings, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and Elle Magazine.

Social Media Coordinator

Ashton heads up all things marketing at Revelry Event Designers. With startup expertise from the Silicon Valley and a passion for creating social media content, she is the company’s go-to expert for all things digital marketing and public relations.

She is passionate about creating and sharing high-quality videos that showcase the magic of Revelry’s events to a wider audience. She can be found in the warehouse capturing the production process or on-site at installs showing how our large-scale events get made.

Beyond social media, Ashton conceptualizes and executes all email marketing, graphic design, website, blog, copywriting, and SEO initiatives. She is always on the lookout for new press opportunities, from reality television and magazine features to global speaking engagements. Working closely with founder Edgar, Ashton ensures Revelry's brand voice is consistent across all platforms and displays the absolute best of Revelry’s designs.

Graphic Designer

Sarah is our talented graphic designer and plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between event design concept and reality. With a degree in Fashion Design and early exposure to fine art, clothing and furniture making, Sarah collaborates with Revelry's designers to create detailed renders, graphics, logos, furniture designs, and floor plans along with visualizing and executing the look and feel of each event.

Sarah's expertise in Adobe Creative Suite and Vectorworks allows her to meticulously craft and refine design concepts, turning them into visual representations of our client’s ideas. Currently pursuing further education in 3D design, Sarah is dedicated to expanding her skill set, ensuring her work remains at the forefront of design innovation.

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Our 120,000 square foot design studio and warehouse is located north of the 10 freeway west of the 710 freeway. Tours are to the trade and by appointment only. Appointments, Tours and Proposals are presented To The Trade Only.

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