Wedding Décor Hedges Featured on Inside Weddings

November 18, 2015 10:35 am Published by

From escort card tables to photo booths, we have created some amazing designs with manicured hedges over the years.

As originally featured on Inside Weddings:


“When it comes to wedding décor, the options are truly endless! Inspiration can come from anywhere, and many times, the ideas with the most staying power are derived from nature. Incorporating greenery into floral arrangements has been a popular trend for many, many years, as it provides an organic feel to sophisticated décor. In recent years, we’ve seen the use of hedges become more and more popular, with manicured greens being used to “hide” areas within a venue, or as backdrops and space dividers. And hedges don’t have to be limited to outdoor weddings – many event planners and designers utilize green hedges in interior ballrooms to give celebrations an “outdoor feel.”


Perhaps one of the most widespread ways to incorporate hedges is with the escort card table. Place a table with nature-inspired floral arrangements in front of a hedge wall decorated with your monogram, or display seating cards right on top of a manicured hedge! Some couples take the greenery trend one step further and have a calligrapher write each guest’s name and table assignment on an actual leaf. For a bold entrance, create a towering arch or cover large initial letters with greenery for a warm, personalized welcome. Free-standing hedge walls also make for great photo booth backdrops.”


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