The Art of Transformation, Part 5: Fabric Treatments

December 2, 2011 6:11 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Fabric stitched it’s way into my life back in the days when I was a fashion designer and it has played an integral role every since. I wrap my environments in fabric the same way I wrapped women in fabric so many years ago. But life is better now. Tents and ballrooms never complain about the color or the fit.

Fabric treatments are the cornerstone of my business and are a featured element in a vast majority of my designs. The type and style of treatments I employ are as unique as the parties that inspire them. Sometimes the treatment is a lush, frilly, and very feminine look, such as that of Kate Beckinsale‘s wedding on the lawn at Hotel Bel Air. Other times the presentation is decidedly more masculine.

Photo by Cean One Photography

Altering the sky above. When it comes to fabric treatments, nothing beats a knockout ceiling installation. The next time you host a party, transform your entire living room with this simple addition. Choose a fabric with a colorful pattern, glittered texture, or beaded applique. Sew the fabric into a single panel that measures one inch smaller than the length and width of your room. Install grommets around the outer edge of your fabric panel and eye hooks into the walls just beneath the ceiling (making certain your hooks line up with your grommets) then hang the panel.

If it sags too much in the center, you can secure it with tacks painted the same color as your fabric. Light your new ceiling with several inexpensive desk lamps turned upward or just let it sparkle in the dim light of some table lamps and candles. Either way, it will add a whole new dimension to the room and a noticeable lever of enchantment to your affair.

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