The Art of Transformation: Part 4, Lighting

November 18, 2011 6:42 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Throwing a party without lighting is like baking a cake with no frosting on it. Lighting is an essential element in event design. It highlights the design and brings it to life while also creating a mood for the event.

From a lighting perspective, the home environment presents it’s own set of challenges. Quite often overhead lighting is garish and unflattering. Simply leaving the light off doesn’t make it go away. Why not purchase a beautiful new shade and add colored bulbs (amber is always a good choice), or install a dimmer and stretch a simple chiffon scarf over the shade and attach it to the ceiling with tacks? Don’t think your current collection of lamps fit in with the look of your party? Try the same technique. A new shade can change the entire profile of a table or floor lamp and a colorful swatch of fabric draped over a lamp shade instantly alters the ambiance of a room.


Making a statement with candles. I utilize candles in nearly every event I design, and the ones where candles are not present can usually be trace back to fire regulations. In the home, the only fire marshall is you, so why not cut yourself some slack, go a little overboard and “wow” your guests with a candle wall.

Choose a wall that has plenty of open space and is clear of any trappings such as pictures or paintings. A wall opposite the entrance is ideal. Purchase some inexpensive wood shelving at your local lumber yard and have it cut into smaller shelves, approximately 4″ square. Anchor the shelves to your wall in a grid pattern (or in whatever presentation strikes you) utilizing as much of the wall as possible. Then add a colorful votive candle to each. Once the candles are lit and the room lights are dimmer, your candle wall will come to life with a magical glow and leave your guests entranced long after their arrival.

Thank you Cean One Photography for your lovely photos!

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