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Unlike any other vodka on the market, Tallarico offers a new and distinct flavor profile. Made in America from the perfect blend of common rye and white winter wheat, Tallarico evaporates on the palette, with no astringent after taste.The unique nose and great mouth feel makes for a perfect sipping vodka, but also blends well with any mixer. Owned and operated by Giancarlo Tallarico, a Los Angeles native whose quest for the most exceptional and complex martini prompted him to start his own spirits company. Sold in only the finest restaurants and stores, the seductive packaging and distinct grain recipe attract a sophisticated palette. Tallarico Vodka has been awarded the Triple Gold from MicroLiquor for package, taste and value as well as a Publisher’s Pick in The Tasting Panel Magazine.

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Giancarlo Tallarico  Info@Tallaricospirits.com

Twitter:                   @TallaricoVodka

Instagram:              @TallaricoVodka

Facebook:                  https://www.facebook.com/tallaricovodka

Web:                        http://www.tallaricovodka.com


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