Luxe Launch 2015: Marie Antoinette

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We are so excited to showcase our first table we sponsored from Luxe Linen‘s “Luxe Launch 2015” series at Sherwood Country Club. This “Marie Antoinette” table was designed by the talented Felici Events and Coco Rose Design. Using Luxe Linen’s Vogue Sherbert linen and Rose Quartz Va Va Voom Napkins, the team decided to use our Florence Wood Chairs, which were the perfect choice for this Marie Antoinette inspired design. A Rental Connection and Otis and Pearl provided other rentals. Thank you Michelle from Michelle Lacson Photography for these images.

We have an exclusive interview with Zohe Felici conducted by Lara Burnap, editor of California Wedding Day. See below for the full Q&A session and photos.


Why did you choose this linen?

It was available, ha ha. I actually love it because of the texture and rainbow hues.

How did you build up from there?

From there, we went to Otis and Pearl for our rentals. They’re amazing. And Nina Kincaid from Coco Rose Designs did our florals. At that point, I had a swatch of the linen we knew we were going to use. We talked about it having a “Marie Antoinette” theme and we got the chairs from Revelry to match.

Is there a particular detail you love the most?

I do love the strawberries. They’re different.

Can you describe the flowers?

Those are merlot carnations in the high bunch, which is actually a new carnation, and french tulips in the small tabletop vase

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