Luxe Launch 2015: Gothic Garden

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We are so excited to showcase our first table we sponsored from Luxe Linen‘s “Luxe Launch 2015″ series at Bel-Air Bay Club. This “Gothic Garden” table was designed by the talented AOO Events and AOO Floral. Using Luxe Linen’s Lismore Garden Taupe linen and Black Satin Lamour Napkins, the team decided to use our Black Venice Chairs with Nailhead Trim, which were the perfect choice for this design. Signature Party Rentals provided other rentals with china by Dish Wish. Thank you Krista Mason Photography and Weintraub Photography for these images.


We have an exclusive interview with AOO Events conducted by Kristin Banta of Kristin Banta Events. See below for the full Q&A session and photos.

This is really unexpected and very interesting- what was your inspiration behind this?
We obviously started with this lovely linen. We decided to do something opposite of what the natural occurrence of this linen may have been. We brought in a lot of black and lacquer and did a juxtaposition of this linen.

What makes this so compelling to me is that it is so unexpected. I am always looking for a point of view and fresh spin on things. Did you have an idea prior to the linen or did the linen start it all?
It all started with the linen. As soon as I saw this linen, I knew I wanted to take it in this direction and bring a dark side to it.

I love all of the elements on the table. How much of this developed through the course of the table design versus you saw something and you ran with it?
Well, I had a vision at the beginning, but a lot of it developed throughout the process which started a week ago I guess. My natural background is in art installation so I wanted to bring that into the table.

Was there anything that you played with at the very end that you decided to keep?
Really all of this has been sitting on my table for the last week. I think the linen lends itself to the mix match and patterns and glassware. That was the natural direction for me to go with this. The harsh reality is the lacquer and florals are very sexy to me and I think they are a little unexpected together.

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Vendors:Host/Linen: Luxe Linen | Concept/Design: AOO Events | Rentals: Revelry Event Design and Signature Party Rentals | Chinaware: Dish Wish | Photography:  Krista Mason Photography and Weintraub Photography | Venue: Bel-Air Bay Club | PR: Rayce PR

Party Sponsors: Bel-Air Bay Club | Revelry Event Design | Line 204 Events | Dish Wish | Wiens Family Cellars | Classic Party Rentals | Luxury DJs | Smile Lounge | Face It Sugar | Seasons Catering | Made By Meg | Jennifer Naylor Catering and Events | Petros Catering | Rasta Taco | Sprinkles Cupcakes | Lovesome | Design Dawgs | EDGE Design Decor | Copper Willow Paper Studio | Krista Mason Photography | Weintraub Photography

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