The Art of Transformation: Part 1

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Ah, the very special world of Hollywood special events. It’s a madcap arena where nearly every menu features mayhem and countless dollars are spent birthing parties whose life expectancy rarely exceeds four hours.

Still, the stars in the City of Angels have a blast at these elaborate affairs. As do those of us who create them. We’re an odd lot of artists and creative entrepreneurs with burgeoning egos and demanding personalities. This includes me too. (Except, of course, for the burgeoning ego and demanding personality part.) 🙂

And who am I? I am Edgardo Zamora, founder and creative force behind Revelry Event Designers in Los Angeles, California. Every year, I imagine and envision, design and decorate well over a hundred star-studded affairs. And these are no run-of-the-mill gatherings. The parties I stage run the gamut of style and locations from over-the-top celebrity weddings to intimate gatherings at private estates.

But big or small, simple or intricate, all parties share a common ground. A party is the perfect excuse to bring people together. To share a common experience. To mingle. To interact. To have fun. And once the music fades and the final candle is extinguished, everyone — the party goers (and the party throwers) — part with the sweetest desserts of all: nonperishable, priceless memories.

I’ve created The Art of Transformation to take you on a creative journey with me, one step at a time. I will reveal some of my artistic secrets. Consider yourself one of the VIPs. Come sit at my table and let me take you on a guided tour of this special, exclusive world of Hollywood events. After which I’ll send you home armed with enough knowledge to turn your ordinary living room into a magical landscape so resplendent, event Brad Pitt would want to attend.

Part 1: Create Your Own Memories / An Intimate Party at Home

I always begin by asking myself lots of questions about my party. How many guests will I have? What will the overall mood of the party be? How does the space flow? Will I bring in a caterer? What about parking?

Peer into your living room and imagine it as a Hotel Bel Air that beckons the muse of your creativity. And don’t forget that your backyard holds the same potential as the Malibu bluffs.

Next, let’s consider our theme, which can be as simple as the mood you want to impart, or as evident as all the details of your event showing up in the decor, the lighting, the entertainment, and even the food. If the beach is your backyard, take advantage of your surroundings and plan a casual beach party.

Hosting a party themed around your location instantly becomes an opportunity to explore and learn more about this exciting locale. An afternoon in your backyard transformed into the Serengeti may not be the safari you originally planned, but it won’t set you back near as much as the real deal. And since the experience can easily be shared with twelve of your closest friends, as opposed to a limited number of traveling companions, the memories will be that much more magical.

Revelry’s Antler Chandelier


Stay tuned for The Art of Transformation: Part 2, where I will discuss the art of tabletop design!

Edgar’s Intimate Party Tip:
Like a one-pot meal, a one-room party is a simple and fun way to entertain without commandeering the entire house. Consider a kitchen-only dinner breakfast where guests participate in preparing a meal normally relegated to morning, then enjoy their creation all within the warm confines of your kitchen.




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