Romanian Mystery Project

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We are eager to share with you a project that our very own Edgar Zamora took a special part in as guest designer.

Bran Castle, in the immediate vicinity of Braşov, is a national monument and landmark in Romania, commonly known as Dracula’s Castle. The exquisite and intricate castle tells a story of it’s very own… this is how the Romanian Mystery Project was born. An international team of exceptional designers came together to achieve the most stunning result. 

For the next three days, we will be sharing the #RomanianMysteryProject in multiple episodes. Take a look at the story that unfolded…

“Once upon a time in a magnificent castle, a princess bride lies dreaming of her prince. Her groom dreams of the next time his eyes will finally meet hers. He ponders on life, and how his bride will complete him. As the princess awakens from her slumber, she realizes her dreams will soon become reality. A life of romance and happiness is about to begin…

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Her prince travels through the castle looking for her. As he strolls the halls and its elegant ambience, serenity overwhelms him. She hears a voice down the hallway. Her love has finally arrived, and they are ready to begin their journey…

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The princess bride takes a stroll through the forest outside the castle walls, amidst the brisk winter air. As a token of their love, the groom leaves a red rose for his bride. The rose smells sweet and tells of their love further more than words ever can…

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Entering the manor through a snow-covered hallway, the prince takes a moment to whisper his love to his bride. Just as the excitement in the princess bride grew, her one rose magically flourished into grand romantic blooms. The castle had turned her dreams into reality. It became clear to the princess that the castle became her very own wonderland, filled with everything she had dreamed of. She knew the best part was yet to come…

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They made their way to the wishing well garden. It was here, among the timeless castle and overflowing flowers, when they knew forever wasn’t long enough…

revelry_event_designers_romanian_mystery_project22 #RomanianMysteryProject revelry_event_designers_romanian_mystery_project24 #RomanianMysteryProject

Their first dance followed, among the flickering lights of the candelabra. The royal families were seated at their tables. The dining room had been transformed into elegant sophistication. The deep red roses and gold silverware complimented the castle’s magnificence. A candlelit ceremony space was more than the princess bride had ever dreamed of…


They exchanged their vows and promised forever… And they lived happily ever after.”


The Creative Team


Planner, Event and Floral Design: Mille Fiori Event Agency
Venue: Bran Castle  Commonly known as “Dracula’s Castle”
Partners: Elpida Media LTD & Creme Brule Event Agency
Makeup and hairstyleAdy Studio Brasov
Dress and jacket design:Mille Fiori Event Agency
Photographers: Igor Turcan and Olga Klemahina of Photo Klio
Videographers: Avatarfilms
Special guest: Edgar Zamora of Revelry Event Designers
Episode Script: Rayce PR & Marketing


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