Propel Workshop

March 18, 2015 12:53 pm Published by

We recently collaborated with Sonia Sharma of Sonia Events and Celio’s Design to create this gorgeous tabletop design at Caroline Trans Propel WorkshopPropel focuses on helping artists build a sustainable business, and establishing their style when they shoot. They cover topics anywhere from marketing & branding to workflow. And of course, they always have a couple of beautifully styled shoots for lots of hands-on practice. Caroline walks you through how she approaches a shoot.  

The images from our design follow.


AmyMaliziaphotography-Propel2014-Table-1 Brittany Lauren Photography - Propel2014 - Table-1 carolinetran-propel2014-02-004055-R1-013 carolinetran-propel2014-03-004055-R1-015 carolinetran-propel2014-06-004056-R1-003 carolinetran-propel2014-10-004056-R1-009 Celine_Chhuon_TABLE (9) irenecolephotography-propel2014-tabledetails05 Shannon_Duggan_000093540005

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