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Our incredible leader, Edgar Zamora, has been nominated for an Event Solutions Spotlight Award for Creative Director of the Year and we’d love for you to vote for him! Edgar is a design influencer who believes that quality design and quality products go hand-in-hand. He’s made a conscious decision to design and produce custom, well-made design pieces for events because that is what his discerning clients demand and that is what he would want for his own event. Please click here to vote for Edgar; but if you’re still not convinced that he’s the man to take home the Creative Director of the Year award, we’ll give you three more amazing reasons:


1. Elegant Rustic Wedding with Geller Events

rustic barn wedding with revelry event designers

Photo by Nadine Froger Photography

Geller Events came to us with a client that requested a rustic elegant barn feeling for their wedding.  We were tasked with creating the space in the empty lot next to the private estate. We designed an elegant barn using reclaimed wood and fine fabrics.  The foundation of the structure would be a tent with leveled and elevated sub floor.

Sourcing the reclaimed wood was a huge project in and of itself. We called all over town and finally found a place where we could buy enough reclaimed wood from various old buildings across Los Angeles to cover the entire truss. We then had to treat the wood to make sure guests would not encounter splinters or stains if it was touched.

We also used the reclaimed wood to build a custom, rustic ceremony chuppah like no other we’ve ever designed before. But the biggest challenge of all was building the main doors to the tent to look like an actual barn door. The doors had to be beautiful and functional, so we planned everything out, building it with rivets to look just like a barn door and we were very pleased with the final result. When guests arrived and the grand doors were opened, the end result was truly an amazing sight to behold.

We draped the inside and outside of the tent with fabric for a completely luxurious look. Inside, branches and greenery were hung from the ceiling and looked as if they had been growing there for years.

We created lounge areas with our Versailles furniture collection inside and outside the tent and designed custom-made chandeliers that hung throughout. The event turned out to be worth all of the time and effort. It went above and beyond anything we’ve produced to date.

2. Mindy Weiss Book Bindery Wedding

book bindery wedding with revelry event designers

Photo by Elizabeth Messina

There is a lot of pressure in helping to design Mindy Weissson’s wedding. For obvious reasons, this wedding had to be spectacular…and it was. The Bookbindery’s exposed beams and brick provided an elegant, yet down-to-earth feeling. The walls were draped in cream and taupe fabric and our Versailles furniture collection was used for the ceremony and throughout the entire reception. We even custom made chair covers with fabric flowers and designed and produced all of the linens.

The 14-foot long rustic, wooden tables were handmade in our warehouse and a variety of beautiful chandeliers hung from the exposed ceiling, some of which were encased in wrought iron birdcages. We created a round, cream and taupe striped, custom-made bar to complement the striped dance floor and set up lounge areas all around the reception for guests to relax and socialize in style. We also built the stage treatment, which included vintage mirrors as the backdrop. The wedding turned out to be truly unique and timeless.

3. Sonia Sharma Events Disney-Inspired Event

disney event with revelry event designers

Photo by Andrena Photography

This over-the-top, colorful, Disney-inspired party for 120 guests took one week to install and 10 days to break down! We designed and built a huge, rabbit and top hat bar in our warehouse; including all of the chair covers, and tablecloths with crystal trim! We even created the Aladdin-style chandeliers that we made in house. The chandeliers were hand-painted and adorned with trim and jewelry.

We purchased an entire line of Prague collection chairs and sofas specifically for the event. The dramatic and vibrant chairs, sofas and ottomans worked beautifully for this incredible event.

Guests entered the party as if they were entering a castle. We built the castle façade in house and created a tunnel for guests to walk through the entire house, which included covering the ceiling with fabric all the way through.

We created an entire purple and green Shrek Village where Shrek greeted kids at the ticket booth as he gave them a ticket to enter. The pool area was designed like the Little Mermaid and included a water show with professional dancers.

All of the chairs covers and linens for the sit down dinner were custom designed for the event by Revelry Event Designers.

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