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Jamie and Eric’s wedding at Pelican Hill coordinated by Jeannie Savage of Details, Details Event Planning was as timeless and chic as they come. Records were set as the ceremony was flipped into the reception in 45 minutes! Can’t get enough of these chairs? Check out the Versailles Rattan Back Chair.

From Jasmine Star

Her sister said to introduce herself and nudged her toward the living room. Jamie gave Emily an ambivalent look, but obliged her younger sister’s request. As soon as Jamie walked in the crowded room, her eyes fell on Eric and she lost her breath. Kind, charming, and handsome, his smile left her with butterflies in her stomach as she walked back to Emily. Both being in relationships, Jamie and Eric exchanged pleasantries at the end of the night and went their own way. 

Five years later, Jamie moved from Chicago to Los Angeles for a fresh start (and to look for love, she jokingly said). While in the City of Dreams, Jamie met a girl who insisted Jamie needed to meet her friend, Eric. One thing led to another and Jamie discovered that this–this!–was the same Eric she met in Chicago in her sister’s home. The butterflies again took flight. 

When Eric and Jamie met in Los Angeles for their first date, they picked up as if no time had passed at all. The fates intervened for this kismet match and they promised to remain faithful to each other. Last week they invited their closest family and friends to Pelican Hill Resort to witness their love and commitment.

JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-1 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-2 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-3 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-4 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-5 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-6 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-7 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-8 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-9 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-10 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-11 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-12 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-13 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-14 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-15 JasmineStar-RevelryEventDesign-PelicanHill-16Venue: Pelican Hill | Coordinator: Jeannie Savage with Details, Details  | Catering Manager: Fernanda with Pelican Hill  | Rabbi: Avi Taff  | Hair Stylist: Dax Sarmiento of Andy Lecompte Salon  | Makeup: Stephanie Lawrence  | Floral Designer/Rentals: Bloombox Designs  | Lighting: Pacific Event Lighting  | Videographer: Ryan Davis of Cloudless Weddings  | Wedding Slideshow Music: The Music Bed  | Photographer: Jasmine Star

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