LA Screenings Event for SONY with Wendy Creed Productions

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logoAbout Wendy Creed Productions: Wendy Creed has designed and produced some of the most memorable events in the country. As an innovative originator, Wendy Creed embraces the world of entertainment and professional sports, retail, fashion and beauty, interior design and hospitality.

We recently had an opportunity to work with her on May Sweeps for Sony Studios.  We asked Wendy to give us her thoughts on the design and she and her client provided us with the  following commentary.

From SONY:

For our LA Screenings event, I would say my main source of inspiration was the Venetian island of Murano’s famous glass sculptures and objects.  I went to Italy last year before LA screenings and loved how sophisticated yet cutting-edge the glass furniture looked.  I felt that it was fresh and could be a trend-setting element in events which led me to think of incorporating glass and lucite throughout our venue to embody this same style.  Additionally, I would say Lara and I were both very much inspired by the 2013 Oscar stage hanging Edison bulbs.  After we watched it we both came in the next day and felt that we wanted to use Edison bulbs in some sort of grand chandelier.
Personally, I felt your [Wendy Creed Productions] role surpassed our expectations in bringing our vision to life.  We truly presented you [Wendy Creed] with so many different ideas and images yet you were able to transform these elements into one cohesive event using workable event décor.  Furthermore, you [Wendy Creed] brought together such an amazing team full of experienced individuals and ultimately helped create and design the 190 foot projection wall which displayed all of our talent.  We knew that we wanted to have a moment that proved we are a powerful company full of amazing talent and you were able to deliver.

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Event Production- Wendy Creed Productions

Lighting – Ray Thompson – Images by Lighting

Screen Fabrication and Fabric Installation – Mark Hoffman

Projection Design – Bart Kresa

Video Equipment and Technicians – SennovA
Catering – Wolfgang Puck
Rentals – Revelry Event Design & Classic Party Rentals
Audio- No StaticPro AV
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