Five Ways to Bring the Wedding Design Together by Matias Doorn

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  1. Start with the color palette: For this wedding, the key color was rose gold, which we used as an accent along with a mix of creams and whites. We stayed true to the color palette for every element. The rose gold was found on the custom linen piping, flowers vases on the tables and the lighting.rose_gold_white_ivory_blush_wedding_color_swatch_v152_cs

  2. Add 1,000 candles: There is nothing more romantic than a room lit with candles. The soft glow puts everyone at ease and provides a gorgeous illumination for all of the guests. I find the warm glow to be an organic element that is really dramatic.
  3. Create a clean canvas: I always drape the walls to provide a starting point for the design. The event could be held in an iconic, notable ballroom or a nondescript tent; the drapery edits all and provides a perfect canvas to create a stylish signature event.

rose_gold_pink_romantic_wedding_roses_invitations_ceci_johnson_v152_om_3g4. Design around the flow of the evening and the guests: I always place the bars near the dance floor. In this case the entire room was a dance floor so the bars were set next to the dancing area.

5. Mix up the seating: We provided six different styles of seating. We had round banquets with round tables, straight banquets with square tables. Some of the tables were mirror top and some had gorgeous linens. We even had a 16-foot-long long feast table. It made the space planning quite challenging, and we had to account for every inch of space. It was well worth the extra time and thought as it made for a very interesting room.



  1. 259958_10152668089310436_646675408_nMatias Doorn joined Revelry Event Designers in 2006 as a Senior Event Designer/Producer. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, his impeccable taste, extraordinary space planning and CAD drawing skills have allowed him to build an A-list party planner client base, producing over 800 events to date. He and his colleagues at Revelry Event Designers are known as L.A.’s go-to event and interior design company, specializing in designing and installing private and corporate events worldwide. Interview originally publish in CeciStyle Magazine. 


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