A Tefillin Ceremony With International Event Company

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Once again we had the pleasure of working on this gorgeous outdoor Tefillin Ceremony with the talented team of  the International Event Company! They chose some our our favorite pieces from our versailles collection to make their event complete.

History of the Tefillin

Tefillin are considered a reminder of God’s laws in the form of cube-shaped black leather boxes, containing four scriptural passages, attached to the head and arm and worn during the morning prayers.

“Great is the sanctity of tefillin, for as long as the tefillin are upon man’s head and arm, he is humble and God-fearing and is not drawn after frivolity and idle talk, and does not have evil thoughts, but directs his heart to words of truth and righteousness. Therefore a man should try to have them on him all day … Even though they should be worn all day it is the greater obligation to wear them during prayer.”

Some time before their bar mitzvah boys begin practicing the mitzvah of tefillin. Syrian boys first strap on their tefillin in a special ceremony held a week before they will be called up to the Torah. Grandfathers, the father, uncles and other male relatives wind the tefillin around the boy’s arm before the morning prayer services begin. A celebratory breakfast follows and the festivities continue throughout the day as visitors come by to offer their congratulations and blessings.

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